Fuentes Cafe Downtown
101 S. Chadbourne
San Angelo, TX 76903


For more than fifty years
, the Fuentes family has been proudly serving the people of San Angelo. We take great pride in our name, the tradition that comes with it and try to express that with the atmosphere we provide, the food we make, and most importantly, the service we give.

"On behalf of my wife, Lisa, my children, John Ross and Olivia, and our entire staff, thank you for joining us. We hope that your experience here is enjoyable and hope that you visit us in the restaurant again very soon!"

John & Lisa Fuentes     


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Tuesday's Specials

John Ross Special $7.50

Beef taco, cheese enchilada, beans and rice.

Bacon-Wrapped Hamburger Steak $7.50

Fresh ground beef packed tightly, wrapped in bacon, and then cooked with sliced onions and topped with brown gravy. Served with mashed potatoes, vegetables and salad.

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